Did you know your garage door plays a crucial role in the security and safety of your home? If you do, then you know why it’s critical for garage door installation and repair services to work with the best. We are fixing the Elite Garage Door, and we live to the full significance of our name. We are proud of serving the needs of our clients, offering timely services, and developing our brand through word of mouth. Most of our company, in fact, comes from references made by our past and recent clients. We are second to none when it comes to garage door maintenance and related facilities. We are driven by integrity, reliability, timeliness, affordability, delivery values, and honesty. There is no garage door installation or maintenance problem that we can not handle, thanks to our longevity and supreme services to our clients. We have served countless clients, and most still come back for more. By continually investing in state-of-the-art garage door technology, using the best minds in the industry, and emphasizing quality components and services, we have distinguished ourselves from the rest of the pack. We are the worthy founders of this niche, by all merits. We set the pace, and from the front, we will keep leading the pack. Our team of technicians has been handpicked from among the brightest. We never want you to worry about work being half-done or badly done. You will be left with a smile of happiness when our technicians complete your work. Whatever garage door issue you have, to get it done, we have the right instruments and technicians. We’re not like the rest of the guys who come to a knife gunfight in literature; we’re the real guys.


The unsung heroes of the device are garage door openers. These components are obviously responsible for opening and closing the door to the garage. For you, though, what does that mean? You get the added security of simply pressing a button from inside your car if you arrive home late at night. It’s not necessary for you to get out and open your garage door manually. There’s no reason to get soaking wet when you come home in the middle of a storm, opening your garage door in the pouring rain. A simple push of a button from the interior of your car keeps you dry and relaxed.

It may not be the most beautiful part of your scheme, but we promise that all it does for you is one of your favorites. However, your garage door opener can break down or malfunction, like all machines with moving parts. Where is that leaving you? Out in the dark or drenched, neither of which is a choice for fun. Infinity GDR repairs most garage door opener brands and models. The most famous are LiftMaster Door Opener, Genie 0pener and Marantec. Perhaps the remote garage door is on the fritz; if appropriate, we can also inspect and provide you with new remotes and/or newer options. We will install a brand new one for you if your device needs to be replaced. We provide highly qualified, skilled technicians and access to parts and systems of the highest quality. We also deliver flexible appointments and the industry’s most affordable rates.

We want to ensure that you are clean, relaxed and dry. Let Infinity GDR handle all of your requirements for garage door openers!


Having the correct garage door properly installed will add value to your home and improve your home’s security, which is probably your biggest investment. The first decision you’ll have to make when you’re on the lookout for a new garage door is whether you want a wood or a steel garage door. Although each one has some advantages, garage doors made of wood usually require more maintenance than steel doors. In order to fit your house, wooden garage doors will need to be painted initially and will need regular repainting, much as the trim on your home seems to need. Steel doors are lower maintenance, have a longer warranty and, because they are better sealed, are much more energy efficient. Infinity GDR’s helpful technicians will be able to help you make the right choice for your house.


The springs do the donkey-work for your garage door system. They drop, boost and lift the door a few times per day. They will break down eventually. Both metals wear out over time, anyway. This is nature’s reality, and you have to accept it. You have an absolute right to determine who fixes or removes them, whereas wearing out of the garage door spring is something you can not alter. We have a stellar reputation for spring repairs and replacements at Infinity GDR. We’re the professionals that you can trust. The hour of the day or night your springs decide to cause you trouble doesn’t matter; our services are around the clock every day

We’re choosing the right springs. Garage doors are not made equal to one another. Weight, form, size and style differ between them. For the appropriate door, the right spring has to be mounted. Having it wrong with the spring would not only mean that you’re going to be back for a new pair, but it will seriously damage your garage door. We are conducting a security inspection..We’re not after making a fast buck, unlike several other garage door repair and installation guys. It takes time for us to look at the problem and recommend the right solution.

We carry out a comprehensive safety check on all moving parts until a repair or replacement is completed. Your door will work at 100 percent efficiency when we exit. We use corrosion-free springs, and your springs will stand up to the challenge when the weather gets warm. Our corrosion-free springs are invincible against any aspect of the weather. We’re replacing both springs. We suggest removing both of them if it is just one of the springs that presents you with difficulty. You will not be finding our services for the same issue any time soon.


Our expert garage repair technicians can help locate and fix any issues with your garage door that you may have. We will repair your garage door and its function with wires, springs, rollers, tracks, alignment, sensors, braces, electric openers, chains and any other hardware associated with it.


The several pieces of a garage door that usually need to be patched or replaced:

Springs- There are extension springs and torsion springs, and at some stage they are likely to break on you. They typically break because they are used too frequently and are needed at each click of the button or press of the key to balance the weight of the door.

Cables or Wire Rope-These are the metal lines on either side that actually link all the way down to the bottom of the garage door. If these cables are broken, your hands can be in a potentially very dangerous position. It is vital that the very thing that carries all the garage door weight is stable and in good shape, and we can assist with that.

Rollers-The garage door rollers allow the door, with little friction, to glide up and down. It is best to repair them when they are worn to ensure that unnecessary pressure is not imposed on other parts of the garage door system.

The Entire Garage Door Opening System-We have a range of garage door opening system troubleshooting measures, it can come time to install a brand new garage door opener in case those efforts have been exhausted. The performance life of a garage door opening device is about 10 years, if you hit that number it may make sense to replace your current opener, in good efforts to dodge future problems.


Garage door keypad systems are an outstanding addition to any system for garage doors. Such keypads support the code you choose. Your garage door opens or closes when the code is entered correctly. Garage door keypad systems provide an additional degree of comfort.

If you break or fail to remote control your garage door, you must revert to manually opening and closing your garage door. This is neither safe nor convenient, considering that some garage doors weigh hundreds of pounds. Of course, most garage door remote control brands and models can be fixed or replaced, but in the meantime, you will need access to your garage.

The best solution is garage door keypad systems. All you need to do is reach the keyboard with your coded code and you have immediate access to your garage. Using a garage door keypad device, too, has one more value.

Have you ever locked your car keys or locked yourself away from home? We’ve got. Like the cavalry coming to the rescue, a garage door keypad device is like Only type in the code and you’re inside! The ideal means of access for your children, too, is a garage door keypad device. Instead of risking a misplaced key, which could mean that they are trapped outside before you get home from work, send them a code. No more missing keys and no worries. The highly trained and skilled technicians at Elite Door Systems are specialists in the installation and maintenance of keypad systems for garage doors. With no secret fees, no high-pressure sales and no ‘upselling,’ we will give you a free quote. Your happiness is our target. Our technicians can teach you how to use and program the code for you for your garage door keypad device. For a free quote, call now at (847) 802-8770!


With a safety and maintenance inspection, secure your investment. Recommendations for repairs and/or replacements will be communicated to you upon the completion of the inspection. A 10 percent discount on parts will be offered for up to thirty (30) days if additional parts are recommended. The advantages of getting an inspection include:

Increased quality & reliability of operations
Extended service life of your machinery
Reduction in the likelihood of malfunctioning equipment
Decreased cost of long-term repair
Savings on money!